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Mar. 31st, 2012

Well, I finally found a way to access my wardrobe. I had to download the newest version of Chrome.

The thing is, it's not like Firefox 3.6 (and I tried Opera and IE, too) are particularly old. You can't really reasonably expect your users to be upgraded to the latest version of their browsers at all times. I'd understand it for people running SUPER old versions, but that just isn't the case here.

So for anyone having trouble, that's what I'd suggest. If you don't have Chrome, try getting the latest version of it for the wardrobe until they get off their butts and fix the problem, as they're ignoring everyone's suggestions for how to help out the hundreds of people who can't participate in the masquerade.

For those of you who are participating.. is there an NA-crowd specific dance topic?
So the masquerade has started. It sure would be nice to participate, except wardrobes still aren't loading for a lot of people. Including me.


neopian_adults replacement group

We've been discussing this on our thread on Subeta, so I assume most of you are already aware, but just so everyone knows, neopian_adults has been deleted by the mods and neo_friendly has come up as a replacement community.

Super User Achievement

Tonight (Saturday) between 7:30-8:00pm Subeta time (EST), a group of people are going for the Super User Achievement, which you get when you're online at the same time as 2000 other users. Don't forget to drop by to add to the count and get the achievement yourself!

More info.


So according to downforeveryoneorjustme, Subeta is down, but I still feel the obsessive need to check with other people. :P Has it been down for long? It's been seriously laggy the last few days.

Jan. 2nd, 2012

Oh man.

So I have a collection going of birds. Just birds. All the birds. That's my goal! To have all the birds. You can see what I have so far here!

I've now gotten to the point where the birds I have left to acquire are all 1 million sP and over. A surprising amount of them are like, 40 mill+! Some of them weren't even in usershops and those'll be interesting to find...

I guess my collecting really slows down from here. I even started selling art to scrounge up some extra money but have gotten surprisingly few bites. Probably because I said I didn't want to do humans, hahaha. It's true though, everyone only had me drawing their HAs or human OCs and I was so bored with it!

Anyone else have a sort-of one-item collection?

Achievement Question

I was just looking through my Luminaire achievements and noticed this one:

Throw a Snowball (8% of users have this achievement.)
Throw a snowball at someone during Luminaire!

Does anyone know how to throw snowballs?
I'm thinking of starting up actively playing over here on Subeta again now that I'm leaving Neo, but I don't even know where to start!

Subeta Back Online

Woohoo! We can stop hopelessly refreshing now. ^_^

EDIT: Oops, I lied. It's back down again. :(

Subeta Downtime

Is anyone else angsting over subeta being down? I swear my hand keeps independently going to click on my Subeta bookmarks every 10 seconds even though I know it's still down.

So... to distract ourselves - tell me about your goals on Subeta! Any pets you're saving to paint or collections you're working on?

Steele Excavations Plot

If you're just starting the plot, this forum thread has a great summary of the plot solutions thus far.

Last week, archaeologist Blake Steele announced that he was beginning excavations at a location in the Sacred Lands, the coordinates of which were sent to him anonymously. From July 22-25, we dug into the sand, eventually uncovering an entryway to the Saheric Temple:

Inside the Temple is a mural with 9 missing pieces. There are also 9 doors leading to 9 rooms. Presumably, each room contains a missing piece of the mural that can only be collected upon solving the room's puzzle. Since Monday, a new room opened up every day, until the cave-in on Friday. Now we're back to digging up sand to clear out the Temple so that we can get into the unopened rooms. This is a great chance for everyone to catch up on the plot!

To start, go to the Main Temple Chambers and either solve the puzzles inside the doors to the left or help with the cave-in on the right.

Welcome Post

If you'd like to meet more friends on Subeta, comment here with your username and tell us a bit about yourself!